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Jewelry Care

May's birthstone is the beautiful emerald, a gemstone that has been cherished for centuries for its rich green color and stunning beauty. This precious gemstone has been worn by royalty and celebrities alike, and is known for its association with love, rebirth, and growth.
What is coral? Coral is an organism in the ocean. It is a marine invertebrate and they live in colonies. They can be classified as hard corals and soft corals. There are about 800 species of hard corals, and these are what make coral reefs. Corals are an essential part of the ocean ecosystem. They function as habitats for some aquatic creatures, and they can also serve as a food source.
As the year progresses there are many celebrations. Whether it is a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or holiday, there is a gift to be given. When people think of giving jewelry as a gift, they want to make it meaningful and memorable. Here are some ways to pick the right jewelry for your person of yours.
It is no surprise that jewelry can make or break an outfit. Especially now that the weather starting to warm up, it is the perfect time to start thinking about what jewelry you want to wear and show off since you are not stuck wearing long sleeves, thick sweaters, and coats everywhere. Springtime is the best time to add new pieces to your collection that make a statement and complement anything you wear. Upgrade your accessories by including large, colorful statement pieces which are emerging fads. Another trend for this 2023 Spring season is statement silver pieces and chunky cuffs or chain links.
Buying Easter jewelry is a fun and great way to get into the holiday spirit. When looking for Easter jewelry, seek out brightly colored pieces, materials like wood and silver, and specific symbols such as crosses, bunnies, eggs, and flowers. Spring is a fresh start in many ways, and adding fun and cute Easter jewelry to your collection is the perfect way to celebrate.
It should go without saying that professional jewelers should handle jewelry maintenance. Although, sometimes one needs to polish a ring before a big event or clean a gemstone before a night out and can not make it to a professional. In this article, we will break down the best and worst ways to clean jewelry at home.