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    My Saint My Hero

    My Saint My Hero was founded on the belief that
    God is real, prayer works and love heals. Our pieces are
    wearable blessings that remind us we are loved.
    We want My Saint My Hero to be more than a
    Company, but a community, inspired by God to help transform
    lives and make the world a better place. Crafted in love and
    prayer, our wearable blessings empower women through
    meaningful work.
    Our prayer is that these pieces help awaken souls
    to live in the presence of God and know:
    I AM true, I AM good, I AM beautiful…

    My Saint My Hero Logo

    Our logo is a shield to signify our commitment to battle against today’s culture. It is our prayer to create a brand that signifies a lifestyle grounded in faith and the knowledge that we all have a purpose in life and are greatly loved. Designed by our Vatican Artist Mariangela, at the center of our logo are the intertwined letters ‘A & M’, Auspice Maria, which is Latin for under the protection of Mary. The monogram is surrounded by the Cross of the Knights of Calatrava, this cross with Our Blessed Mother at the center signifies our belief in her intercession, always bringing us to the foot of the cross with her Son and to the protection and love that was born there.