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8 Spring Jewelry Trends for 2023

It is no surprise that jewelry can make or break an outfit. Especially now that the weather starting to warm up, it is the perfect time to start thinking about what jewelry you want to wear and show off since you are not stuck wearing long sleeves, thick sweaters, and coats everywhere. Springtime is the best time to add new pieces to your collection that make a statement and complement anything you wear. Upgrade your accessories by including large, colorful statement pieces which are emerging fads. Another trend for this 2023 Spring season is statement silver pieces and chunky cuffs or chain links. 

Shoulder Grazing Earrings 

Unbelievably, earrings have become a big trend recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With everyone communicating online through video chats, the only way to show off your jewelry was by wearing earrings since that was all your coworkers or clients could see anyway. More recently, this has morphed into more people wearing earrings, especially large, dangling, and eye-catching ones. Shoulder grazing earrings are only one of many other names for these look-at-me type earrings such as shoulder dusters, chandeliers, drip, or dangle earrings. All will work to make a statement online and in person.  


Traditionally, pearls are mostly worn by older generations but have never truly gone out of style. Pearls are simplistic but can easily be livened up by adding a little sparkle, layering them, or threading them with color. Luckily, Spring 2023 is bringing them back with an even better twist. These trending pearls are not your grandmothers, they are big, eye-catching, and very playful. Fall back in love with classic pearls by adding larger, jumbo pearls to your ring, necklace, and earring collections. 


Crystals are both timeless and versatile. They can pair with almost anything and look good all the time in any way you choose to wear them. Dangling crystal earrings, crystal choker necklaces, or even something as simple as a crystal bracelet can be all you need to put your best foot forward wherever you go.  


Springtime not only means warmer weather but also means we can enjoy the pretty sight of plants, trees, and flowers beginning to bloom and grow. We regularly see floral patterns on our clothes and handbags so it is about time we add them to our jewelry collections but in 3D form. Spring 2023 is all about making a statement and wearing 3D flowers can help you do just that. The most popular types of flowers you should look out for this spring are the classics, roses, and daisies. Trending ideas are colored rose shoulder dusters or daisy necklaces.  

Cocktail Rings 

Although cocktail rings date back to the 1920s, they are trending this upcoming spring. They are brightly colored, unmissable gemstones that are set on either a gold or silver band. Emerald green is the color this spring, expect to see an incredibly high amount. These traditionally formal accessories are going to be a big hit as spring rolls around.  

Sculptural Silver 

Hard wires and thick sheets of metal that turn into art are trending this Spring of 2023. Add a sculptural or texturized cuff to your bracelet collection to show off your arms in the warmer weather. Silver quibble necklaces or bracelets, wire knot rings, thin stacking cuffs, or anything clean metal with crisp lines will look beautiful and classic this spring.  

Chunky Cuffs 

Arm cuffs, bangles, or anything else large that you can wear on both your wrist or upper arm will be perfect for bold looks that will impress everyone. Bigger is better in 2023. Try adding several different-sized cuffs to create a stacked look or a variety of colors to your collection.  

Chunky Chain Links 

Move over dainty jewelry and make room for chunkier, statement-making chains. Chunky chain link necklaces are perfect for this spring and they pair great with your favorite simple black dress. Either gold or silver chunky chains will give you that little extra something you need to make an outfit stand out.